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About askemo: stay connected

Do you want to ask questions? Or do you want to receive answers? Fast and easy feedback, from your clients and co-workers. That is our sweet spot. We help our customers stop sending boring, long surveys that no one is asking for. And we are proud of that.
Our roots lay in IT projects, where we found ample solutions to track project progress. But they are all built to track rational parameters. Like percentages, indices, milestones and other kpi’s. None of them address a different important reason cooperations and projects fail or succeed: emotions.  Ignore them and wait for things to go wrong. Monitor them and you can act and adjust your course when needed. Happy people are better clients and more productive employees. After all: we’re all only human.

Power of simplicity

The surprise we felt when we found out there was no solid solution to measure those emotions, drove us to develop one ourselves. That’s how askemo came to be, it helps you uncover hidden sentiments. Amongst clients, employees and co-workers. It’s a powerful combination of a front- and backend that breathes simplicity. Made by professionals driven by one simple question; can we make things simpler?

What can we do better? And how?

askemo wants to keep evolving. Our ultimate goal is to be a force that improves cooperations. That’s why we listen and talk to our clients continuously. And why we take every opportunity to make our software better and easier to use. And every now and then we take a few steps back and relax. So we can keep having fun doing what we love to do. Because we like to live up to our own motto:  “Sentiments Matter”.

Stay connected. Start using askemo.

“For years I had been looking for a solid solution to monitor sentiments within my teams and projects. Something easy to use that would help me act when I needed to. The software I found always focused on rational parameters like KPI’s, deadlines and budgets. But from experience I know the biggest time-bombs have always been the emotions that lie beneath the surface. Especially when they stay invisible too long and no one speaks out, they can really damage projects and relationships. Besides that, most product were far from user-friendly and simply not appealing enough to be useful in the long run. I knew we could do better. That’s why I started askemo.”
Roel Schellekens CEO van askemo

Roel Schellekens

founder askemo

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