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Stay connected with your customers

Customer success is more than analyzing your KPI dashboard.

Connect with your customers. Allow them to provide fast and easy feedback.

Monitor and improve continuously. With askemo.



of unhappy customers does not complain. 80% of those customers will leave your business without telling you why.


Finding a new client will cost you up to 7 times more compared to realizing the same revenue at an existing customer.


of your customers seek a social, emotional connection with companies they do business with.

askemo works for customer success

1. Monitor sentiments

At set, recurring moments your employees answer a single simple question to let you know how they are feeling.

2. Take immediate action

Personal dashboards and reports provide you direct insight into the results. The right people receive the right signals at the right times.

3. Continuous improvement

You act on current, relevant information. And see trends emerge, allowing you to adjust processes where necessary.

4. Happy, engaged customers

Higher revenue, improved margins, better reputation in the market – the benefits are clear.

What is askemo?

You are up and running within 10 minutes.

No installations. No apps. No passwords.

Receive the right information, at the right moment.


At Online Academie we are almost obsessive about customer experience. Askemo helps by letting our customers provide feedback about our services. With askemo, we continuously get back the sentiments that live among our customers through an accessible online solution.


Wim Schuurmans
Owner | Online Academie

Stay connected. Start using askemo.

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Boost your response rates with askemo


71 %


30 %


29 %


How would it feel to always know how your customers feel about yor partnership? Even before you sit down for that cup of (virtual) coffee? And to view the trend in satisfaction, with the comments that they have  given?

Your meetings become more effective and tailored for each customer. You achieve more in less time.

Your customers can provide continuous feedback, you will be able to take immediate action when desired.


Roel Schellekens CEO van askemo

Roel Schellekens

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