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Transactional feedback with CycleSoftware

Up to 7 out of 10 consumers provide feedback. That is 3x higher than an online survey.

Minimal effort for the consumer. They provide feedback within 10 seconds.

Real-time access to results. Take immediate action and prevent reputation damage.

CycleSoftware is a complete automation software package developed for the two-wheeler industry.

API Integration

Through our API link, CycleSoftware customers receive consumer feedback after a bicycle purchase or repair. Feedback can be requested immediately, or after a certain period of time.

Always current and relevant data

Feedback requests are sent to the consumer automatically. When answered, the score and comments are immediately visible in CycleSoftware, on the transaction and on the customer card.

The entrepreneur continues to work from one central cash register system and does not have to log in to multiple systems.

Build your online brand

Thanks to our unique integration with Google and Facebook, the store decides when a customer is referred to leave an online review and when the feedback is for internal use only so that contact can be made with the customer first.

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