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Stay connected with your employees

Engaged employees define your success.

Ask their feedback.

Not just during the annual performance review or satisfaction survey. But continuously, at set moments. With askemo.


Engaged employees are 65% less likely to leave your organisation.


Costs to replace and onboard an employee leaving.


Disengaged and unhappy employees call in sick up to 4 times more.

askemo works for HR

1. Monitor sentiments

At set, recurring moments your employees answer a single simple question to let you know how they are feeling.

2. Take immediate action

Personal dashboards and reports provide you direct insight into the results. The right people receive the right signals at the right times.

3. Continuous improvement

You act on current, relevant information. And see trends emerge, allowing you to adjust processes where necessary.

4. Happy employees

Higher productivity, lower employee churn rates, better reputation in the market – the benefits of engaged employees are clear.

What is askemo?

You are up and running within 10 minutes.

No installations. No apps. No passwords.

Receive the right information, at the right moment.


Retaining staff is essential for us. Askemo offers me continuous insight into the ‘state of mind’ of my team members. Dashboards and trend lines visualize the conversation afterwards. This helps me to stay connected with my employees. Askemo has quickly become indispensable for me and my team.


Rutger Gerritsen
Head of Professional Services | SAI Global

Stay connected. Start using askemo.

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Alius Energy
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Boost your response rates with askemo


71 %


30 %


29 %


Asking feedback just once or twice per year using long and boring online surveys. Drawing conclusions for the full year based on only limited feedback moments. Your people deserve better. And so do you.


Roel Schellekens CEO van askemo

Roel Schellekens
founder askemo

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