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Happy employees define your success

Do you know how satisfied, how involved and how happy your employees are at any moment?

Do you also think that they deserve better than an annual satisfaction survey?

Does workhappiness stretch beyond satisfaction only?


Happy employees are 65% less likely to leave your organisation.


Costs to replace and onboard an employee leaving.


Disengaged and unhappy employees call in sick up to 4 times more.

How do you keep your employees happy?

Monitor fast and easy on which of the 6 pillars of PERMA + your team and organization score well and where improvement is possible.

PERMA+ model

Improve continuously. The Happy@Work Scan provides quick and easy insights into happiness at work of your employees and teams.

What customers are saying


We run the Happy@Work Scan for both our internal and external teams. The pillar structure as well as the substantiated analysis show very clearly where our strengths lie.

At the same time, it also indicates exactly where the challenges sit in your organization.

In my opinion, the scan is an essential part for any organization to realize its ambitions. Expressing passion and energy are the basis for growth.

With the new hybrid way of working the importance has only increased.


Harm Groot Kormelink

What is the Happy@Work Scan?


Your employees complete our online survey. We analyse the results and together we determine the goals for the upcoming months.


Your employees will receive 1 question on irregular intervals throughout the week. They answer fast and easy, on mobile or desktop. Answers are continuously analysed. We discuss progress every month.


A second online survey follows after 13 weeks. We monitor the progress and the areas for improvement. Together we determine next steps.

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Stay connected. With the Happy@Work Scan.

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