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Change language


With askemo you can set your language in several ways. This article will cover all of them:

  1. The default language of your account;
  2. The language of you, as a user;
  3. The language of the askemo project that you send to your customers and / or employees.

Account language

After you have created your askemoaccount you can choose your language as ‘admin’ user. The choice you make is assigned to all users and projects by default.

Click on:

  1. Settings (top right)
  2. ‘Your details’ or ‘Your profile’
  3. Adjust the ‘Language’ or ‘Language’ field.

User language

As a user you can adjust your language yourself by following the steps as described under ‘Account Language’.

As an ‘Administrator’ you can also set the language of a user in your account. Click on:

  1. ‘Your users’ or ‘Your users’
  2. ‘Edit’ or ‘Change’
  3. Adjust the ‘Language’ or ‘Language’ field.

Project language

You adjust the language of the project on the tab ‘Texts’ and ‘Skins’, these are the sections that go towards your contacts. Click on:

  1. ‘Add’ or ‘Edit’
  2. Adjust the ‘Language’ field.

Note: the standard texts are translated into the language of your choice. If you have adjusted a certain text field, it will not be translated.