Stay connected when working from home.

We see each other less. We meet each other less. How do you ensure that everyone stays connected with colleagues and with your organization?

Present your employees with an opportunity to express their feelings at recurring, fixed moments.

Now more than ever.


of tasks do not have to be completed from the office.

1 out of 3

employees feels less comfortable at work because of working from home.


of employees experiences higher pressure at work because of working from home.

Feedback. Fast and easy.

1. Monitor sentiments

At set, recurring moments your employees let you know how they are doing. Easy and fast.

2. Take immediate action

Personal dashboards and reports provide you direct insight into the results. The right people receive the right signals at the right times.

3. Continuous improvement

You act on current, relevant information. And see trends emerge, allowing you to adjust processes where necessary.

4. Satisfied clients and happy employees

You listen. And you act quickly. That creates confidence. As a result you create committed employees.

How does askemo work?

You are up and running within 10 minutes.

No installations. No apps. No passwords.

Receive the right information, at the right moment.

Boost your response rates with askemo


71 %


30 %


29 %

2020 turns homes into offices. We work from home a lot more. That felt good, initially. It saved travel time and fixed complicated puzzles with office space. But now the novelty has worn off: the risk of burnout and dropout is increasing sharply. The psychological burden is not only a new phenomenon, but also more severe than we could have estimated.

Roel Schellekens CEO van askemo

Roel Schellekens
founder askemo

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