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New way for safe and easy login without a password

Your data is exactly that at askemo: your data. We do not use it for any purpose other than for which you have given us permission and never use your data for commercial purposes. But what about login data? In addition to the well-known username and password login, you can now log in to askemo in a new secure way.

We work together with PiM (Personal Identity Manager), a solution for secure identification powered by KPN. PiM enables the Netherlands to become passwordless, where convenience and security are paramount. With one simple app, users can easily log in, fill in forms, register and identify at all companies that work with PiM.

We would like to tell you more about PiM. And why we want you to log in safely and easily at askemo at no extra cost.

A smarter way to identify

The number of places where you have to register, identify or log in is increasing. In this digital world, more and more companies want to have your personal data and frequently accounts are created with yet another new password.

It is understandable that there are more and more services where you log in and share data. But it is often quite a hassle with all those passwords. Either you forget which variant you have used, or you use the same password multiple times while you’re aware that this is not the best protection of your data.

That is why we work together with PiM. The smartest way of identification in the Netherlands. PiM and askemo believe that safe and reliable identification can also be easy.

Forget passwords, usernames, cards and forms. With the smart PiM app, identification is easy and safe for everyone.

A well-secured safe

Compare PiM with a digital and well-secured safe. When used for the first time, the user creates a personal account with basic data. This account always concerns username, email address and telephone number. Extra information such as bank account number and home address can easily be added later.

After creating your account, log in within seconds without a username and password. Scan the QR code, click on confirm and you’re done! By scanning the QR code you determine which data you want to share with which company at what time. So you are always in control of your personal data!

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Why is PiM such a smart ID?

There are many ways to identify yourself, but most of them are either very easy and not that safe, or very safe but not that easy to use. PiM solves all that. In one smart app.

PiM is super easy

  1. Replace all your passwords, cards, forms and social logins with one handy app.
  2. It is easy to use and works on any smartphone.
  3. Identification is simple and fast: just scan the QR code, tick and go.
  4. You only fill in your details once. After that you can log in, identify yourself and digitally sign documents in the same way at all companies that use PiM. In addition to askemo, there are more and more!

PiM is super safe

  1. You can only access the app with your unique pin code, fingerprint or facial recognition.
  2. PiM is powered by KPN and your personal data is stored encrypted on highly secured Dutch databases.
  3. PiM fully complies with GDPR legislation.
  4. The QR scanner in the app only recognizes the special and tamper-proof PiM QR codes.
  5. You decide which data you want to share with which company at what time. You are always in control of your personal data.

How does PiM work?

The PiM app works with a telephone number or a QR code. You download the app, enter your details and get started. Your personal data will be validated and stored encrypted. This way askemo can be sure that you are who you say you are. Because the app works with tamper-proof QR codes, you can also be sure that you are logging in to askemo, and nowhere else. Safe for you and safe for us.

How does PiM work with Askemo?

Download PiM

Download the app in the Appstore or Playstore:

Create your digital ID when you open the PiM app for the first time.

Select ‘Login with PiM’

Scan the QR-code with your mobile device.

The PiM app asks whether you want to login to askemo.

Select ‘Confirm’.

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