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Happy@Work Scan

Your employees deserve more than a yearly satisfaction survey. Carpe Vita and askemo offer an accessible ready-to-use solution to monitor and improve happiness at work.  Read more….

Customer satisfaction

Your customer is not looking to answer the umpteenth online survey. With askemo you always know how your customers feel about you and your services. Stay connected with satisfied customers. Read more….

Employee engagement

Engaged and satisfied employees are more productive. Ask them for feedback. And continuously improve. Read more….

Hybrid working

82% of organizations combine offices with working from home. Give your employees a voice if you don’t see and speak to them every day. Stay connected. Read more….

Project satisfaction

Stakeholder management can be complex and time consuming. Yet your project will only be successful if the overarching goals of those same stakeholders have been achieved. So ask their feedback. At fixed, recurring moments. With askemo. Read more….

Agile teams & product owners

Askemo helps Product Owners and Scrum Masters. Receive continuous feedback from stakeholders. And from your Scrum team. Use askemo for stand-ups and retro. Accessible and simple. Read more….


Your employees are onsite. Or working from home. How do they like the assignment? And how is your customer feeling? Continuously improve your services. Make your employee and your customer happier. Read more….

Stay connected. Start using askemo.