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Employee Empowerment

Corporate Vitality specializes in health services within large companies, located on the Eindhoven High Tech Campus with its own Corporate Vitality – Health Services Centre. A medical advice center for companies and employees.

In addition, they advise companies in embedding a sustainable health policy and support them during the process.

They have a network of doctors and paramedics who have the expertise in health prevention, both mental and physical.

Developed for your bike shop

CycleSoftware is a complete automation software package specially developed for the two-wheel industry in the BNeLux region.

CycleSoftware provides optimal support for purchasing, sales and service activities.

As a technology partner for CycleSoftware, Askemo provides a feedback module, allowing CycleSoftware customers to receive feedback from consumers, fast and easy..

Training & Coaching

Carpe Vita offers training and coaching to help employees and teams grow, increase their energy and maximize results.

We do this through team trajectories, individual coaching and one-off workshops.

The Happy@Work Scan provides you quick and easy insight into the happiness at work of employees and teams.

Easily measure which pillars your team and organization score well on and where improvement is possible.

Individual or team coaching

Bureau Groots Groeien brings over 15 years of experience in team collaboration, building team maturity and structuring processes. In an Agile way.

The benefits? Everyone is healthy at work with more results.

With the Groots Groeien Team scan you can map out team dynamics in an accessible and continuous manner.

Personal leadership

For people who actually know that things ‘not really going that well‘. Those who want to change yet still have to cross a threshold to actually ask for help.

People who like to prevent real problems and who want preventive expert help.

The Rootonde Balansscan is a low-threshold measuring method to visualize the (dis)balance in and between different levels.

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