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Engaged stakeholders
increase your success.

Running a successful project is more than on time delivery, within budget and scope. Evident is whether your project has achieved the overarching goals, from the perspective of the stakeholders.

Ask their feedback. At set, recurring times. With askemo.



of projects fail because of shifting stakeholder objectives.

1 out of 5

IT projects fail.


average costs of a failed IT project.

askemo:-) for project satisfaction

1. Monitor sentiments

How to maintain the overview when you don’t see each other and don’t speak daily or weekly? With askemo you receive continuous feedback. From everyone.

2. Take immediate action

Personal dashboards and reports provide you direct insight into the results. The right people receive the right signals at the right times.

3. Continuous improvement

You act on current, relevant information. And see trends emerge, allowing you to adjust processes where necessary.

4. Happy team. Satisfied client.

You listen. And act quickly if necessary. That creates confidence. As a result you create committed teams and successful projects.

What is askemo?

You are up and running within 10 minutes.

No installations. No apps. No passwords.

Receive the right information, at the right moment.


By starting with a kick-off, the team is very involved in the results of the askemos from day one. Some even ask about it proactively. That involvement makes the tool effective.


Colette van Montfort
Product owner | PharmAccess Foundation


Things surface sooner and become negotiable. This makes us more efficient and effective and we structurally deliver more project value to our customers.


Niels Huismans
Managing Partner | Adapt Innovatie

Stay connected. Start using askemo.

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Alius Energy
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Since 2009 I have been active in dozens of projects. Working out of The Netherlands, but also out of New York, Sydney, Singapore, London and Frankfurt.

The greatest time bombs were and always are slumbering sentiments. Especially if they remain invisible and unspoken for a longer period of time, they can sabotage projects and relationships.

Askemo allows you to receive feedback quickly and easily in an accessible way. Indispensable as a Program or Project Manager!


Roel Schellekens CEO van askemo

Roel Schellekens
founder askemo

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