Feedback should be fast and easy. Stay connected.

Your employees are working from a client site. Or from their home offices. You don’t meet and speak every day.

You continuously want to know how your employee and your client feel about the secondment. And take immediate action if necessary.

Continuously improve your services. Ensure satisfied clients and happy employees.


savings if partrnership with your client is long-term and sustainable


costs for replacing and onboarding a new employee


of employees indicate that  engagement and appreciation of the staffing agency is crucial.

askemo works for staffing

1. Monitor sentiments

At set, recurring moments your customers and employees answer 1 simple question within a few seconds: “How satisfied are you?”.

2. Take immediate action

Personal dashboards and reports provide you direct insight into the results. The right people receive the right signals at the right times.

3. Continuous improvement

You act on current, relevant information. And see trends emerge, allowing you to adjust processes where necessary.

4. Satisfied clients and happy employees

You act quickly if necessary. That creates confidence. As a result you create committed employees. And committed customers.

How does askemo work?

You are up and running within 10 minutes.

No installations. No apps. No passwords.

Receive the right information, at the right moment.


With askemo we measure the perceived temperature of our customers and employees in an easy and innovative way. We do this in real time. We do not need follow-up investigations, but can immediately respond to the essential points that we get back. It enables us to provide our employees with optimal support.


Harm Grootkormelink
CDO & Founder | International Compliance Partners


Askemo works very nicely. We received valuable feedback from day one which we use to improve our service.


Inge van de Water
Account Manager | Kooyenga Groep - Advisering & Detachering

How to stay connected with your customers and your professionals?

We interviewed over 40 professionals for our eBook

Boost your response rates with askemo


71 %


30 %


29 %


Stop requesting feedback from your customers once per quarter, or towards the end of an assignment. Stop sending those long and time-consuming surveys. Stop asking questions. Start getting answers!

With askemo we choose to ask feedback continuously at set times. This provides our customers with up-to-date information and insights into trends. They can jump into action immediately. To prevent is still better than to cure.


Roel Schellekens CEO van askemo

Roel Schellekens
founder askemo

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