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Unhappy customer or employee?

Stop evaluating.

Slumbering sentiments

Professional relationships are often judged on conventional, rational indicators such as time, budget and quality.

However important, it is usually the (slumbering) sentiments that potentially damage the relationship. If you fail to monitor these sentiments, you are introducing severe risks.

The time and structure to continuously monitor how happy customers and employees are is usually lacking.


Important signals do not reach you or reach you too late.

Cracks arise in the collaboration.

Reputational damage. Even if you repair the crack.

Prevention is better than cure

You might learn, but you can’t act in time. You can do better.

"Stop evaluating.
Start adjusting."

“KPIs and SLAs are important. And they don’t tell the whole story.

Slumbering, invisible sentiments can have serious consequences for the relationship with your customer or employee. If you fail to regularly monitor these sentiments, you are taking serious risks. If you monitor regularly, you are spending a lot of time.

Askemo is the quick and easy way to monitor customer and employee sentiments. That way you always know how happy everyone is at any given moment.”

Roel Schellekens CEO van askemo

Roel Schellekens


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