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Why choose askemo?

Do you want to ask questions?
Or do you want to receive
answers ?

Do you have 8 minutes of your time to share your opinion…

Well, no… No more than 20% of online surveys are answered.

Askemo customers realize an average conversion of 71%; more than 3 times as much as the average.

With askemo you receive more and better feedback.


Get more and better feedback from your customers and employees with our online solution.

Answering an askemo takes your respondent less than 10 seconds. He or she simply answers with one click. On a mobile device, or via desktop.

You immediately receive the right signals. So you can take immediate action, if necessary.

Frequent feedback

Let’s be honest. Only asking for feedback once a year, but drawing conclusions for the whole year. Isn’t that strange?

When asking for feedback at fixed, recurring moments, you see trends emerge. And you also spot deviations in that trend.

Software as a Service
Software with a Service

Askemo is more than an online solution.

We understand that preparing and sending surveys is not your daily activity. And that is why we share our knowledge and experience with you through our best-practices and templates.

We can also take the entire process off your hands. So that you can focus on your work. After all, you’re busy enough as it is.

Feedback as a means ...,

Feedback is a great way to continuously improve. Our customers take immediate action based on results and trends, via desktop and mobile.

They continuously improve and mitigate reputational risk.

and feedback as a goal

And of course you are able to share feedback from happy customers with the world.

You can do this directly on your own website with our score button.

Or you enable your customers to publish their positive feedback on your Google or Facebook page with a single click.

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