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5 reasons to choose askemo

More and better answers.
With less questions.

More than 75% of online surveys remain unanswered. You deserve better.

Our clients achieve an average conversion of 71%, 3x more than market average.

With askemo providing feedback is easy and fun.

Spot trends.
Short and long term.

Ask feedback at fixed, recurring times. See trends emerge.

Insights based on more than one or two surveys per year.

And simplicity.

Your contacts answer an askemo with 1 click in less than 10 seconds. On their mobile device, or their desktop.

You receive the right signals at the right times. So that you can act on time, in a targeted and informed manner.

Software with a Service

Askemo is more than an online solution.

We personally support you with setting up, deploying and improving your askemo online survey.

Integrate and automate.
With solutions you already use today..

Import contacts from your CRM or HRM. Display results in your existing dashboards.

Integrate with Slack, MS Teams or a different messaging solution to send your askemo’s your preferred way.

Askemo partners with over 2.000 solutions. Including the ones used by you today (and tomorrow).

Stop evaluating afterwards. Start adjusting.

“Traditional indicators such as KPI’s and SLA’s tell only part of the story. It is slumbering sentiments that can seriously damage professional relationships.

Not measuring these is highly risky. But measuring them well takes up a lot of your time.

No more. Now there’s askemo. The fast and easy way to monitor sentiments with your clients and employees.”

Roel Schellekens CEO van askemo

Roel Schellekens

founder askemo

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