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askemo pricing

We don't believe in standard plans

Your situation isn’t standard either.

Together we discuss your requested requirements, including everything you do not need. Why pay for functionalities you don’t need?

That’s how we deliver tailored solutions at competitive pricing.

Meet askemo

We do believe in the power of partnerships. And we believe that there must be a match before you can work together successfully.

Join us for a complementary strategy session. Together we look at your  situation, your wishes and your requirements. And we discuss in all openness whether and how askemo is of added value for you.

That could mean a match is simply not there. That’s okay, we’re just happy to have met you and hope you can use the learnings from the session in the future.

"Okay, now tell me about your plans..."

Are you looking for more info prior to investing your valuable time? Continue reading…

1 to 10 employees and 1 to 20 customers

Automation makes sense if you don’t have the time and structure to perform an activity manually. Does that apply to you?

Great that you are interested in askemo, we have our doubts whether there is a match. Do you want to convince us otherwise? Please do, contact us!

Up to 75 employees or up to 200 customers

We have a few questions… Do you already have a feedback loop? How often do you want to ask for feedback, and to whom? Are you looking for an integration with your CRM or HRM package? How much advice and support are you looking for?

Your monthly investment in askemo starts at 79 euros.

Starting at 75 employees or 200 customers

Let’s meet and come up with a joint action plan. We propose to start with a pilot, but that is not necessary.

Our offer to you is a combination of an online solution and sufficient support for the process and implementation, taking your budget into account.

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