Review Policy

1 November 2022


Askemo places a great deal of importance on the reliability of feedback received and its reviews published. For that reason, it is not possible for askemo customers to delete feedback and/or reviews received. It is also impossible for non-customers to leave a review.

However, customers (or employees) who provide feedback by means of a review have the option to modify and/or delete this feedback at any time.


Fake reviews

An askemo review is sent directly to the customer via a unique URL. This URL can only be answered once, after which it is blocked.

There is the option to generate and send a generic URL. With this URL, a restriction is set that a maximum of one review can be left per device every 24 hours. If a reviewer chooses to publish a specific review anonymously, it will never be visible on an askemo customer’s website. The askemo customer does see the review internally.

Askemo automatically and manually checks incoming reviews. In case of doubt about authenticity, the reviewer and askemo customer are contacted to confirm authenticity. If authenticity is not established, the review is always deleted, positive or negative.


Acting as a customer

If and when any askemo customer leaves a review on her own service or product, it will be removed immediately.


Average score

The average score is calculated by adding up the scores of all incoming reviews, and dividing by the total number of reviews.


Reviews for a fee

It is not allowed to pay a customer to leave a review. Reviews posted in this way will be removed immediately. Some platforms do choose to allow paid or sponsored reviews and state this separately, our choice is to refuse this.


Remove reviews

Askemo customers do not have the option to delete reviews.

Deleting reviews is always done manually and only by an askemo employee and. The process is described here.


Questions or remarks

Do you have any questions as a result of this Review Policy? Or do you suspect that despite our measures there are still ‘fake reviews’ on our platform please contact us.