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Ask fewer questions but ask at regular intervals.  That is how askemo avoids the pitfalls of the traditional employee survey. Askemo always asks just one question. Answering takes your employees 30 seconds and two mouse clicks.

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Watch trends

Every survey is just a snapshot. By asking regularly about engagement or progress, you will see trends emerge. Gain more insights and act if and when required.

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What makes askemo stand out?


Your organization is constantly changing. Continuously things happen that might affect your employees. 1-year-old surveys do not provide relevant information you can rely on. With askemo, you’re able to act on up-to-date and relevant information. You really know what is going on.


The organization of today has no use for yesterday’s questionnaire. Employees want to be able to provide feedback quickly and easily. With askemo, you allow them to do so on various topics. Directly on their mobile devices ,without the need for apps.


A lengthy questionnaire on ‘satisfaction’ once a year just isn’t enough. Askemo helps you keep track of current, relevant themes such as engagement, job satisfaction and vitality. We process the results into real-time HR Analytics.

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