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More insights

By asking less questions, but asking regularly, askemo avoids the pitfalls of the traditional employee survey. Askemo always asks only one question, which the employee answers with two clicks.

More than a snapshot

Better feedback

An employee engagement survey is a snapshot. By asking about engagement and satisfaction more often, trends are revealed. You constantly check scores on relevant themes, and find out whether the actions you and your team are putting out are effective.

Stop with yearly engagement surveys

They cost you and your team oceans of time. And your employees are not keen for them either.

Start today with an easy and effective alternative. You gain more insights, and save time.

5 things that make askemo unique


Your organisation is constantly changing. Continuously things happen that might affect your employees. 1-year-old surveys do not provide relevant information. With askemo, you act continuously on up-to-date and relevant information. You really know what is going on.


The organisation of today does not need yesterday’s questionnaire. Employees want to give feedback quickly and easily. With askemo, they provide instant feedback on their mobile without the need for apps, logins or passwords.


A lengthy questionnaire on ‘satisfaction’ once a year just isn’t enough. Askemo asks about current, relevant themes such as engagement, job happiness and vitality. But also about includivity and mental health. Read about our 7 themes of engagement.

HR Analytics

Ground-breaking dashboards, analytics and trends. You immediately receive all the information you need to make better decisions. Save time and download your management reports with a single click.


Easily add themes and questions relevant to your organisation. Give managers access to results from their own teams. Askemo is easy, also for you as an HR Professional!

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