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Laurens van Oosterwijk
Laurens van OosterwijkHealth and Well-being Manager
Corporate Vitality
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Perfect solution for us. Installing and setting up hardly takes time. Our customers answer quickly and easily. Real added value!
Inge van de Water
Inge van de WaterAccount Manager
Kooyenga Groep
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Askemo works very well. From day one, we received valuable feedback that we use to improve our services.
Harm Groot Kormelink
Harm Groot KormelinkChief Development Officer
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With askemo we measure the perceived temperature of our customers and employees in an easy and innovative way.

We do this in real time. We do not need follow-up investigations, but can immediately respond to the essential points that we get back.

It enables us to provide our employees with optimal support.
Niels Huismans
Niels HuismansManaging Partner
Adapt Innovatie
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At Adapt, workhappiness of our people is crucial. With askemo we ask them how they are doing. We receive real answers, and not just the desired ones. We are constantly checking how our people are doing. We always check the pulse so that we can respond quickly. This ensures that our people can continue to grow.

In our projects, potential issues are shared sooner and become negotiable. This makes us more efficient and effective and we structurally deliver more project value to our customers.
Wim Schuurmans
Wim SchuurmansCEO
Online Academie
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At Online Academie we are almost obsessive about customer experience. Askemo helps by letting our customers provide feedback about our services. With askemo, we continuously get back the sentiments that live among our customers through an accessible online solution.
Rutger Gerritsen
Rutger GerritsenHead of Professional Services
SAI Global
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Retaining staff is essential for us in these challenging (Covid-19) times. Askemo offers me continuous insight into the 'state of mind' of my team members. Dashboards and trend lines visualize the conversation afterwards. This helps me to stay connected with my employees. Askemo has quickly become indispensable for me and my team.
Niek Karsmakers
Niek KarsmakersFounder
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With askemo I receive weekly input from my teams and my clients, it serves as the basis for our team meetings. It gives me peace of mind because I am always aware of the emotions of our customers. The alerts also let me know immediately if I have to intervene. Top!
Wim Maas
Wim MaasPartner / Lawyer
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Our previous survey tool asked questions twice a year. We received few answers. With askemo we went from 30% to over 70% response rate. And with askemo, we often ask for feedback from our customers. I can now take immediate action on the feedback I receive. That helps both our customers and my team.
Colette van Montfort
Colette van MontfortProduct Owner
PharmAccess Foundation
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By starting with a kick-off, the team is very involved in the results of the askemos from day one. During our retrospective meetings, some proactively ask about the figures and what we can read from them. That involvement makes the tool effective.
Carolina Price
Carolina PriceGDPR Certified Project Manager
Camms Group
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Absolutely love using askemo! I cannot recommend this product enough! I can ask for continuous feedback from all stakeholders during the project. I can act before sentiments sabotage progress and results. I can stay up to date using personalized dashboards and real-time alerts. A must have for all businesses!

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