Remove an incorrect or inappropriate review


    By filling in this form you are submitting a request to amend or delete feedback or a review given via askemo.

    After completing the form, you will receive a request to confirm the application at the e-mail address provided. After a manual check from askemo, it is decided whether your request will be granted. The basic principles are:

    • The feedback is given by the person filling in the form, via the e-mail address or mobile number known to us;
    • The person has good reason to modify or delete the feedback.


    • The feedback given is insulting, abusive or offending

    Askemo places great value on the quality of feedback and reviews. For this reason, we do not delete feedback or reviews given for reasons other than those mentioned. If feedback is incorrect or inaccurate, there is the option of responding to it on the review platform. In such cases, the feedback given always remains online.