Corporate Vitality

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Laurens van Oosterwijk and Roel Voorwald were already working on preventive health and vitality of employees in the context of sustainable employability, before this became a theme. Big boys like DAF PACCAR and ASML challenged them to polish up the old principle of PMO (preventive medical examination) and give it a new look. In 2013, they started Corporate Vitality, with the aim of promoting health among employees.

We spoke at length with Laurens, health and wellbeing consultant and operations manager. He describes his services as ‘a gift from your employer’.

Corporate Vitality works on preventive health and employee vitality

Hi Laurens, ‘a gift from your employer’. What does that mean?

“We monitor the physical and mental health of employees. We do that with a very nice product: the corporate vitality check. We look at how we can offer management or HR departments insight into the health of the population, of course in a positive sense. The health of an employee is important for a company. This applies to both mental and vital health. We focus on the 98 percent who are fit for work and package our product as a ‘gift from your employer’. Our focus is on prevention; it’s like an MOT for your car, but for your own body.”


What role do you play in the health of employees?

“When we launch our product at a company, the employee can indicate what he or she needs. We test each individual. We collect this data in an analysed dashboard. This dashboard provides real-time insight into employee satisfaction. We do not oblige employees to take further actions and at the same time we see that 70% feel the need to do so. Health has become an increasingly important issue. These follow-up actions are, for example, a consultation with a sports doctor, a psychologist or a lifestyle coach.


"It is like an MOT for your car, but for your own body.

So, health has become an increasingly important and broad theme?

We also advise the organisation to link it to a sustainable employability programme. In this way, it remains a continuous theme and we also work on a sustainable relationship with companies.

Nice those programmes, but becoming more vital starts with the employee himself. How do you maintain intensive contact with the employees?

“Monitoring feedback is very important for us as well as for our clients. They want to know how their employees are doing after every action. We work via askemo with stickers that have a QR code on them. After a health check or a consultation, you scan this code and let them know how it went. This is one means of communication, the results of which we share directly with the client. In this way, we can continue to focus on health interventions to stimulate the vitality of the employees. The second tool focuses on the customer experience. We used to send survey questions to customers, but the response rate was too low. Now, after each event, we simply and specifically ask employees about their experience with askemo. The results are interesting for us and for the customer, which is another reason why we share them immediately.”

"Monitoring feedback is very important for both us and our customers. They want to know how their employees are doing after every action."

You are in the high-end segment and have also been able to make your services affordable. Where do you want to go with Corporate Vitality?

“We expect growth. Covid has already made sure that more and more companies include employee and customer health as a theme and we have some really great people working with us. One of the partners we work with a lot and with great pleasure is askemo. We are constantly working on customer satisfaction. With askemo, this becomes visible and optimised in real time in a matter of seconds.”